The purpose of the Cullasaja ACC is to assure that any installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot shall be submitted to the ACC for approval (i) as to whether the proposed installation, construction or alteration is in conformity and harmony of external design and general quality with the existing standards of the neighborhood and with the standards of the Cullasaja Club Development, and (ii) as to the location of Structures with respect to topography, finished ground elevation and surrounding Structures.  To the extent necessary to carry out such purpose, the ACC shall have all of the powers and duties to do each and everything necessary, suitable, convenient or proper for, or in connection with, or incidental to, the accomplishment of such purpose, including, without being limited to, the power and duty to approve or disapprove plans and specifications for any installation, construction or alteration of any Structure on any Lot.


Question:    What is the Design Philosophy of the Cullasaja Community?

Answer:  The Cullasaja Community has evolved over time into a unique neighborhood of homes and buildings that sit harmoniously within the natural setting of the southern Appalachians.  The Community Design Standards have been developed to provide criteria for the design and further development or changes within Cullasaja.  They establish a quality of design and construction that will enhance the community’s overall aesthetic appearance and value.  Given the unique topography of the mountain setting and the streams, wetlands, vegetation and wildlife that exist here, it is exceedingly important to protect our natural assets.  Therefore, the Standards have also been developed to implement the goal of sustaining and preserving the beauty of the mountain landscape.  To meet these goals it is essential to preserve, protect and enhance all open space area, mountain vistas, golf views, and the natural forest environment.  The ACC is charged with maintaining this standard.

Question:    When Must I Seek Approval from the Cullasaja ACC?

Answer:  The ACC is a committee that was established to work for the entirety of the Community and individual homeowners to preserve and enhance community property values.  Thus, homeowners are required to submit all plans for any modifications to the ACC prior to any exterior modification to their property including home improvements, new landscaping, repainting, replacement of roofing, tree removal, etc.  It is incumbent upon each property owner to get approval from the ACC before any alterations are made or the project is commenced.

The guidelines for the ACC are laid out in the Covenants and ACC Standards and each homeowner should be aware of these standards and ensure that their contractors are as well.  And while these are guidelines, the ACC can and may at any time determine that a proposal, while abiding in letter by to the guidelines, does not reflect an up-to-date feel for the current modern esthetics of the community and require alterations to the plans.

Question:     When can I start work on an exterior alteration or project?

Answer:       No exterior work including landscaping, painting, roofing, etc. or any digging in the ground can commence until the ACC has approved the project and you receive a written letter approval from the ACC indicating said approval.  Contractors without approval will be held at the entrance gate and not permitted to enter the community.

Question:    What Does the ACC Require to Review and Approve a Project?

Answer:       To help simplify matters, the ACC requires the following 4 items before they will review an exterior alteration. Please note: handwritten plans are not adequate for approval and are declined immediately upon receipt by the ACC

  1. A thoroughly written narrative of the improvement for the ACC to review.
  1. If the improvement increases the size of the house or extends past the current building footprint, a Site Plan showing the area(s) impacted including a lot lines and the 15’ setbacks on sides and 30’ setbacks on front, roadsides, and rear.  This should be on a professionally surveyed plat which includes the location of the house, road(s), and other important details.
  1. A Floor Plan of the area(s) impacted.
  1. Elevations of each side of the building that has any modifications.  Also include colors, materials, design elements, finishes, etc. with samples

Question:     How Long Does it Take to Get an Exterior Modification Approved?

Answer:  If all required documentation is presented to the ACC for review, the turnaround time for an ACC decision is generally 14-28 days. If there is insufficient information, or if key documentation is missing, the request may be denied by the ACC requiring more time to get a project approved.

Question:    Do I Need Approval if I am Removing/Cutting Down Trees or Vegetation?

Answer:       Yes, for any trees that is 3 inches in diameter or greater measured at a point 2 feet or higher above ground level.  Extensive removal bushes, hard pruning (more than 2 years growth), or clear cutting must be approved.  ANY cutting of trees on the golf course or Lake must be approved.  Guidelines relating to the preservation of trees and other natural resources and wildlife upon the Property are included in the Design Standards of the ACC.

Question:     Are there fees associated with ACC approval for property modifications?

Answer:      Yes, both Compliance Deposits and Impact Fees will be charged for certain modifications.  Please see the current fee schedule below: