The Cullasaja Community has evolved into a unique neighborhood of homes and public buildings that sit harmoniously within the natural setting of the southern Appalachians. These standards have been developed to provide criteria for the design and further development of the community. They establish a quality of design and construction that will enhance the community’s overall aesthetic appearance and value.

Given the unique topography of the mountain setting with the streams, wetlands, vegetation and wildlife that exist here, it is exceedingly important to protect our natural assets. Therefore, these standards have also been developed to implement the goal of sustaining and preserving the beauty of the mountain landscape. To meet these goals it is essential to preserve, protect and enhance all open space area, mountain vistas, golf views, and the natural forest environment.

It is incumbent on each Cullasaja property owner to get written approval from the ACC for any exterior modification.  The Guard Gate has a record of approved projects and will turn away contractors who are attempting to work on unapproved exterior modifications.

Prior to any exterior modification including landscaping or tree removal, each property owner must get approval from the ACC before any alterations are made.  If you are considering any exterior projects, large or small, whether new construction, landscaping changes or modifications to the exterior of your home or property, you must get approval from the ACC.   Note that the ACC requests at least 14 days for review and approval of exterior modifications, so please plan ahead.

The ACC requires the following 4 items before they will review an exterior alteration:

  • Site Plan Showing the Area Impacted
  • Floor Plan of The Area Impacted
  • Elevation Including Colors, Materials, Design Elements,
  • And a Written Narrative of the Improvement for the ACC to Review

Please note: handwritten plans are usually not adequate for approval and most times are declined immediately upon receipt by the ACC.  In order to expedite your request, please email or bring all 4 documents outlined to Mona Humphrey, at so that she can start the ACC review process.  If all 4 documents are presented for review, the turnaround time for an ACC decision is generally 10-14 days.

Our goal is to maintain and improve on our beautiful Cullasaja by allowing our owners to make reasonable changes to their lots and the exterior of their property that are compatible with the Cullasaja Design & Construction Standards.  These are done on a case by case basis.

The ACC Design and Construction Standards For Your Review Prior to Starting an Exterior Alteration (Click Here to View)

These standards will guide property owners and their consultants in the design and construction of residences that insure compatibility with existing community styles and with the natural landscape.  Should you have any questions, please email the ACC Chairman, Frank Harris at