Our Story

We Care

At Cullasaja, your Homeowners’ Association is more than just about infrastructure, it is all about caring: caring for your needs, caring for your life, caring about you. We want your experience to be remarkable and memorable, and part of a caring family.

Remarkable Mountain Home Living

Whether it’s a second home or a weekend get away, when you are away from your Cullasaja Club property there is no need for concern. Our focus is to ensure that you feel secure in knowing that your home is safe while you are away. From the ensured security of the 24/7/365 manned gate at the entrance to the inside of your home, you can be sure that we are watching out for your property so you can have a remarkable experience in the mountains.

Cutting Edge Technology

At Cullasaja, our philosophy is to keep our finger on the pulse of our infrastructure.

Our water system and each home are monitored and controlled by a centralized SCADA computer system to ensure efficiency and will communicate to key personnel in the event of an emergency 24/7/365.

Our entire infrastructure is on a GIS map that is updated regularly as we change and repair our water and sewer system. Not only do we know what we have in the ground, but future personnel will also know what we have without having to reinvent the wheel.

Member Services

Cullasaja is the only community on the plateau that offers complete maintenance and repair services. Allow our trusted professionals to handle all the details. You don’t need to be “on site” to oversee that the work is completed.

HOA Staff

Chris Conner
General Manager/COO
828-526-3531 Ext.: 205

Gary Clark
HOA Field and Services Manager

Mona Humphrey
HOA Office Manager

Steve Mersereau
Outside Services Manager

Will Walz
R&M Services Supervisor

Chuck Dempsey
Landscape Director

Stephen Stanley
Chief of Security